foundation in need of repairHome foundation repair is a must for property owners with some cases being minor while others are major. The goal should be to understand how these repairs come about in order to be out in front of them. Property owners who understand this are always going to be safe and will be able to bring down their costs as well.

Always look to be proactive in this regard. It will help you out in the end. This read is going to gauge the causes and symptoms of foundation repairs for those who are looking to learn about the topic.

Compaction Concerns With Pre-Construction Work
Let’s begin with the causes as they are the reason for the trouble in the first place. Pre-construction work can cause trouble and this is rare with the quality control checks taking place these days, yet it has to be listed here nonetheless.

Pre-construction work can lead to compaction of the soil being irritated and not holding up. This means the soil is going to start to crumble because it was not holding in place and that is all because of the work that was done before. It is essential to notice symptoms as soon as you can in order to ensure the issues don’t lead to further trouble.

High Soil Moisture
Moisture in the soil is a major issue in places where precipitation is a common occurrence. If there is a lot of moisture in the soil, it is going to start to spread.

A great example of this would be to take a pot of soil and put water into it. Continue to pour water and see what happens. It starts to spread and that is when things loosen up.

It is not good to have a house’s base set on top of soil such as this. It can collapse.

Low Soil Moisture
The opposite of this is a problem as well and, therefore, you always want to make sure the moisture content is fair. Most property owners end up seeing this as the reason they have to get repairs in the first place.

So, what is the issue with not enough moisture being in place? It tends to harden the soil to a point where it acts like a rock. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, the issue is the foundation is not built on something that is rock hard.

It should not be rock hard as that is going to crack the concrete.

Foundation Crack Repair
Let’s move onto the symptoms that you are going to see with regards to this type of damage. You will notice cracks that are going to develop in the home. Many will come in the basement and those have to be looked at right away.

If there are cracks in the concrete slab, block or walls, things will only worsen over time unless you have underpinning professionally repaired.

At best, you are going to have cool air and/or water coming in and at worst, those cracks are going to split wide open and that is when the entire property is a safety hazard.

Pier and beam foundations also require inspection and the expertise of a seasoned contractor.

Concrete Foundation Repair
The poured concrete slabs are built in a manner where they are mostly level and that is all well and good until the slab gets damaged. Concrete slabs crack under normal circumstances but breaks and uneven areas should be investigated

The floor is going to start to sag one way or the other and that is not a pleasant sight to say the least.

It is a must to stay on top of this and ensure things don’t get damaged because you were too late to notice how the floor is unbalanced.

Water Damage
The next symptom people tend to list in this regard would be water damage and this is going to take place because of the cracks in the foundation. It is a given considering the moisture from the rain will come through.

If there is nothing blocking it, the water will leak. Proper waterproofing could prevent major damage.

You have to make sure these cracks are covered as soon as you can or they are only going to worsen to a point where the property will be flooded.

This is only going to lead to further costs for you and your budget which no one wants to deal with.

Doors Not Fitting
This happens when things first start happening around the property in terms of foundational damage. This is one of those symptoms that will be important to spot as it is going to let a person know early on as they should.

if the doors seem to not close as they should and don’t ‘fit’ as one would say, it is time to start thinking about having the substructure assessed and/or rectified. It is a must.

These are the main causes and symptoms of home infrastructure repairs when it comes to what property owners should be aware of. There are many property owners who are aloof with this topic and that is why they are caught off guard when they should not be.

Always remain as patient as you can be because that is the only way you are going to be sure about the repairs that you are going with. The causes and symptoms can help clarify things for property owners who are unsure about what they need to look out for as soon as they get the chance.

Foundation Repair Methods
There are multiple methods to fix a concrete foundation and many do not require a complete tear out. Repair solutions include concrete/steel piers and pilings, mud jacking, slab jacking, and soil injection.

Foundation Repair Cost
A major repair could require hydraulic piers and cost $10,000 + but small cracks could be as low as $500, with an average of $3,500 to restore a home foundation. Repairs to your home may be expensive, but the more you know about the problem and solutions, the more effective you can be when working with a contractor. Together you can find a solution that you can afford.

The Bottom Line:
If you are in need of foundation repair or inspection, you need a competent contractor. An experienced professional can give you a proper estimate for your foundation repairs. We list contractors in your local area by major city.